Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Earn Rewards with Your Smartphone Using Checkpoints App

Earn Rewards with Your Smartphone Using Checkpoints

I've been using an app on my Smartphone for a couple of years call checkpoints.  I've earned hundreds of dollars in gift cards, American Airline frequent fliers miles, Shell gas station gifts and other gift cards.  The way it works is you can check in to local businesses or scan barcodes of products while you are out shopping to earn points.  Once you accumulate a certain amount of points you redeem them for rewards.

1.  Earn points by scanning barcodes on certain products while shopping.  Checkpoints has partnerships with product manufacturers and rewards you for picking up and scanning the barcode of certain items while you are out shopping.  Examples of the manufacturers they partner with are Coca Cola and many others.  You will earn points and in some cases a coin to use on in app games to win even more points.

- Only scan items while you are in the store.  If you fake your gps location or scan from home this will get you banned and you will lose any accumulated points and rewards.
- Turn the product around but try to leave the product on the shelf so it's stable and not moving around when your camera is trying to scan it, especially if you have an older phone.
- Scan items while you are out shopping, you are already in the store and for just a couple more minutes, earn some points to get free stuff.

2.  Earn bonus points by playing in app games.  While you are scanning barcodes, you will also earn bonus coins.  These are used in the in app games Paradise Slots and Jungle Lotto.  I always play Paradise slots, since it's easier and requires less effort.  You can win 20, 50, 5,000 or 150,000 points.  I've never won more than 50 points at a time but the percentage of winning is approx. 25%-40%.

3.  Earn points by referring your friends.  When you register on the app you will create a referral code.  You then use this to give to your friends and family when they sign up.  This is where you can earn the most points.  When someone signs up under your referral code, they will get 200 bonus points just for signing up.  You then earn matching points for the first 2 weeks that the person uses the app.  So if they earn 2,000 points in the first 2 weeks then you also earn 2,000 points.  You can post out to facebook, twitter, email, text message etc.
My bonus code is Davemc

Warning, do not post your referral code in the review sections in the Apple App store or the Google Play store.  This will get you banned and you will lose everything you've accumulated.

4.  Earn from home.  From your home computer go to and download their browser toolbar.  This allows you to earn points for online shopping.  You can also log in to and you can earn points directly from their website by visiting websites, watching videos, taking surveys or participating in offers.

Download from the Google Play Store:

Download from the Apple App Store:

My thoughts and impressions:

I've been using this app for a couple of years and I've earned hundreds of dollars in gift cards and American Airline AAdvantage miles.  This app is worth the time to use and for just a few minutes a day you can earn points.  There really aren't any cons to using it.

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